What is your Money Score?

Answer 6 short questions to discover your money health!

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What is Money Score?

Money Score measures your money health. Using each of the D.R.E.A.M.S. categories, you can measure the effectiveness of your money habits. It is a quantifiable way to answer the following common questions: Am I going to be okay financially? How am I doing with my money? Why can’t I ever get ahead? Your Money Score helps you determine if you are making the best money decisions for you and your family or business. 

Why NOT Credit Score?

The traditional credit score calculation was created BY the banks FOR the banks. It measures your historical ability to pay back debt, but says nothing about your actual money health. Someone with a high credit score could be on the verge of money collapse, whereas someone with a low credit score (or no score at all) could have the best money habits.  It should make no sense that those with huge amounts of debt can have a higher credit score than someone with zero debt.  

Why Money Score?

Money Score is the only program to identify how healthy your money habits are. It will help you determine if you are doing the right things with your money.  Money Score goes beyond the traditional debt vs. savings comparisons and tackles the psychology and emotion behind your money habits in order to affect real and lasting change. Find out how your money actions are affecting your D.R.E.A.M.S. today!

Who it is for?

Everyone, of course!  Money Score will empower you to identify and practice healthy money habits, have more money, and build a legacy. Who doesn’t want that? This might mean that you pair up with a Money Score Partner and transform your life with the Money Score program, or it might mean that you become a Money Score Partner and get paid while making a difference in the lives of others!

What is a Money Score Partner?

A Money Score Partner is an individual who has learned and implemented the Money Score program in their own life. After experiencing the effectiveness of this done-for-you program, they desire to not only share the effective steps with others but have also been authorized to use it as a business model. Whether you need a Money Score Partner or want to become one yourself, we have a place for you in the Money Score family.