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About Money Score Partners

Money Score Partners are individuals who desire to make a difference by educating and guiding others to money truth realizations. Today’s money culture does not lead you to safety, security, or control. The community of Money Score Partners is on a mission to reverse the poor habits adopted from living in a world with a broken money culture.

Money Score Partners have truly caring natures. They don’t do the work for the client, but walk beside them every step supporting and guiding the clients to experience money revelations on their own. Partners practice proactive money habits in their own finances and give advice that has already been tried and tested.

Each Money Score Partner brings their experience with money and uses the lessons they learned to help others avoid common pitfalls. Some Partners come from the school of hard knocks and learned money truths in difficult ways. Other Partners were taught money truths by their mentors and now want to share what has made them successful.

Benefits of Becoming A Partner

Change lives for the better

Teach money truths and build relationships that help clients change their money direction.

Build a business

Money score is a proven, 100% done-for-you system. The curriculum includes how-to lessons, marketing lessons, scripts, worksheets, and marketing materials.

Directory Listing

Money Score Partners have the opportunity to create a profile for the Find a Partner directory. This listing functions as a lead source with marketing from the Money Score team that directs prospects to find you!

Client Relationship Management page

Each Money Score Partner has access to a Client page that functions as a Money-Score-specific CRM inside your Partner account. All of the information needed to serve your clients is housed in one place.

Score Test and DREAMS Grid

As a Partner, you have unlimited access to the Score test and DREAMS grid to track your own Money Score and prioritize your own progress. 

Money Score Community

Money Score Partners have the ability to join a community specific to them for encouragement, support, and collaboration on how to best serve your clients. Partners also have access to the community that clients join for accountability and encouragement.

Become A Partner

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