What is your Money Score?

Watch the free class and complete the workbook to find your exact Money Score.

What does my score mean?

Money Score 1.5

1 – 1.5

Money management is a bit foreign to you…and that’s OK! It’s not your fault, but it is still your responsibility.  Although you’re foggy on how to spend and save money, you’re ready to learn. Unexpected bills (like the car breaking down) would cause undo stress on your bank account. You might be just surviving. It’s time to gain control and learn how to make your situation better!

Money Score 3

2 – 3

You’re a survivor~getting by one day at a time financially or living paycheck to paycheck. You decide how and when to spend your money based on the all-telling “how much is in my bank account” thermometer. You’re okay today…but what about tomorrow? It’s time to gain control and learn how to make your situation better!

Money Score 4

3.5 – 4

You know how to manage your money. Although you’re not perfect, you get by with what you do know. Unexpected expenses usually deal a blow to the bank account. You DO have money left over in your bank account after payday, and that feels darn good. You are eager to improve upon your situation with some sound advice and implementation.

Money Score 5.5

4.5 – 5.5

You’re one smart cookie when it comes to your money. You’ve made wise decisions in the past when it comes to saving, spending and living. You are well-ahead of others and have prepared yourself quite well for the future. You’re on a great path and want to continue to make sound financial decisions.

Money Score 7

6 – 7

Money baller! That’s you…highly skilled at managing your money. Friends and family turn to you for advice. You know exactly how to earn, save and spend your money. You are prepared for almost anything life throws at you; expected or unexpected. Congratulations on your success. You got this!

What are your DREAMS?


Some say that debt is a necessary evil or just a part of life.  That is NOT the case.  Living with debt means living with fear and stress.  Finding your way out of debt is liberating and being debt-free relieves the stress of the “what if” scenarios that hang over our heads.


The importance of retirement is often overlooked. However, it is crucial regardless of your age! A true measurement of money health cannot neglect the preparations for peace and prosperity in the golden years.


In today’s broken money culture, there is always a way to get NOW and pay later. Living paycheck to paycheck leaves you focusing on survival without the time or means to look ahead. Planning for upcoming events empowers you to beat Murphy’s law to the punch.


Does it ever seem like there is always more month than money? Not a good feeling! Turning your month-to-month drudgery into a life of abundance is one of the keys to money health.

Mortgage (Housing)

Owning your own home is a wonderful asset, but it can come at a high price.  Buying more house than you can afford, or having your property values in decline can be difficult.  It’s important to make sure your home is actually an asset rather than a money pit.


If you lost your income today, how long could you survive?  For most people, the answer is not encouraging.  Knowing that you and your family will be safe in the event of a job loss, unexpected large expenses, or an economic downturn brings peace of mind.